Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Writing Intentions Check-In

Hi all

Just a quick check-in with my writing intentions for the year.

In a word? They're going: OK.

Here's where things stand so far:

My writing goals for 2015:
1. Submit at least one previously unpublished story per month: NOT MET - missed May and August so far
2. Submit at least one book for the year: DONE!

May came and knocked me around a bit, between kids' end of school things, work-related projects, etc. What happened in August? I'm not sure. Maybe the Universe really does require balance and thought I needed to skip the 5th month from the END of the year along with the 5th month from the BEGINNING of the year.

As for getting any of my submissions published, no such luck in that dept. either. Rejections, or no answers, so far.

So do I just throw in the towel on the whole writing intentions thing? I want to sometimes. I hate it when I don't meet my own goals. But then I shake my head, dust myself off, and keep writing, because that's what writers do. They fall short of their goals, they miss deadlines, they try harder, and sometimes - and let's be honest, it really is sometimes - succeed! But that sometimes can only happen by putting in the effort. Otherwise, the sometimes turns into never.