TITLE: Oliver and the Underlings
GENRE: Middle Grade Fantasy
LENGTH: Approx. 50,000 words


All eleven-year-old Oliver Bradshaw wants is a normal life. A safe place he can call home. Some friends. That's hard to have when his mom is running from a creepy old man, his dad is missing, and monsters are coming out of the closets in the apartment building he lives in.

When the monsters kidnap Oliver's classmates, Oliver must enter their world to get them back. He needs an army for this rescue mission. What he has is his quick-to-scare best friend, a devil-may-care bully, and a friendly monster that looks like a wad of chewing gum.

Oliver quickly finds the monsters' world to be a complicated one, full of fighting monster clans and weird technology powered by magic instead of electricity. While there, he runs into his grandfather, a traveler between the two worlds. His grandfather is searching for Oliver's missing dad, kidnapped when Oliver was just a year old,  and has recruited the ugliest, meanest-looking monsters in the entire underworld to help him. If that weren't bad enough, his grandfather is the creepy old man his mom has been running from for years.

If Oliver can't sort out his true allies from his enemies, not only will he fail in rescuing his dad and his classmates, but the monster war will spill into his own world, and nowhere will ever be safe again.

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