Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Agentversary Contest Entry

So I've decided to throw in another entry into Gennifer Albin's Agentversary contest that she's holding on her blog, here: http// Check it out, and enter while there's still time!

My latest entry is here, which I like to call "Color for a Black Heart":

Be sure to check out my earlier entry too, which I like to call "The House of the Crescent Moon", here:

While you're checking out my work there, also check out the other awesome entries to the contest.

Although the entries didn't call for titles, I always try to put names on everything I write, whether it be an overall title for the piece, section, or chapter I'm working on, characters I'm writing about that may not quite be fleshed out yet, etc. Because names have power. Hey, maybe that'll be a topic for a future blog entry.

1 comment:

  1. Because "Names have power!" where have a heard that before?

    It should be a topic for a future entry with as much time as we spend selecting just the right names for our characters :)

    Good Luck with all your entries!