Monday, June 2, 2014

Dusting Off the Cobwebs

Oh, hi there. C'mon in. Let me dust off some of the cobwebs and swat that bloodthirsty spider from your chair so you can sit comfortably.

Yes, I've been extremely busy lately. Sorry I haven't had time to chat.

What's that? Yes, I AM still writing. See? My computer over there isn't ENTIRELY covered with dust. I've been submitting my middle-grade fantasy novel, Oliver and the Underlings, to agents, and I'm currently working on doing the (hopefully) final edits on my middle-grade mystery novel, The Vanilla Wafer Chronicles: The Case of the Missing Pin. I'll be working on some separate pages related to those on my blog soon. I also wrote a couple short stories and am trying to get those published too.

No, I haven't gotten much reading done this year. Plus, I still have a bunch of books I've acquired at Book Expo America last year and the year before that I haven't gotten to yet. I still need to read those and write reviews. I will get to them. I feel I owe that to those authors for the privilege of receiving those books. Even if the reviews are very late. That's one reason why I didn't attend BEA this year. That and, well, I couldn't afford the expense. Next year though...

Sorry, I can't offer you anything to eat. Something's been rummaging through the fridge again. And the cupboards.

Yes, everyone is fine at home. And the new day job (well, not so new anymore, I've had it a year) is going well too. In fact, now might not be a bad time to seriously dive into my writing again.

Wait, don't go in there. That's not the bathroom, that's the closet. No telling where you might end up if you go in there.

You don't look so good. It looks like you've seen a ghost. No, not a ghost? OK, well, if you're in that much of a hurry, take care then, and feel free to drop in again anytime. I'll be here, typing away.

When you get back, I hope to have lots more to share with you.


  1. Your closet is definitely broken. I stumbled in there while you were gone and while the tea Mr. Tumnus served me was great, I don't think closets are meant to lead to snowy forests. At least not this time of year.

  2. You should't have opened the closet. Now I know where that cold spell we got over the weekend came from.