Friday, February 27, 2015

February Writing Intentions

Hi all

I'm still on track for my writing intentions for the year. See, setting goals is a big help.

Here is a list of what I've been up to this month.

1. I submitted a query for my middle grade fantasy novel, Oliver and the Underlings, to Evil Editor, which I mentioned in a previous blog entry. If you want to see my query, and its subsequent tearing apart by Evil Editor, go here:

2. I did some light editing on an old, homeless flash fiction story called "The Liar" and sent it to 365 Tomorrows, which provides a science fiction or speculative flash fiction story every day. If you're interested in either reading or submitting to this market, check it out:

3. I wrote a brand new piece of flash fiction called "In Search of the Squid" and submitted it to a contest being offered by Flash! Friday. You can check out the current contest here:

Submissions are still being accepted until 11:59 PM ET tonight if you're interested in entering. My story appears in the comments, submitted at 9:32 PM (to help you find it). Make sure to read all the other stories there, for this contest and past contests.

That's most likely all I'll tackle for the month of February, seeing as there is only a day and change left.

On to March!

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  1. Terrific job George. Just putting your work out there is huge. Congrats on getting so much done.